While browsing for interesting architecture, I found a graduation project that you might find interesting. I really like the method used to discover the concerns of the user. An excellent example of user participation in the design process.

Twitter as a source of inspiration

For their graduation project, eleven Bachelor’s students spent eavesdropping on other people’s lives. They monitored eleven Twitter fanatics, analysed their lifestyle based on their tweets and designed customised homes for them.

From: Delta TU Delft

The project has culminated in a book, Twitterhouse. One house is for actress Victoria Koblenko. “Based on her tweets about her job and her eating and sleeping patterns, I guessed it was important to her to keep her public and private life separate,” explains student Isabel Driessen. “That’s why I opted for a house that’s like a kind of snail shell. The further you venture into the house, the more you enter the private domain.” The students received support from the architects’ firm XML studio, set up by TU Delft architecture graduates Max Cohen de Lara and David Mulder. They have discovered that technological developments like Twitter can have an impact on life and public space and therefore also on architecture.

More information: Twitterhouse

Original source: TU Delft – Delft University of Technology

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