Architectural Theory

We think a different approach to architecture and urbanism is needed. Architects seem to have lost their way – they focus too much on appearance, fame and glory. The problems in urbanism are more complex, but in general there is not enough attention to the need for well designed public spaces. We need to find our way back to architecture and urbanism that is dedicated to the people that have to live in it.

“Being aware of the basis concerns of people and all the different architectural means can help architects during their design process to produce architecture attuned to the concerns of the users.”

New here?
In this blog we want to explore possibilities for producing a better built environment – an environment that will enhance the quality of life instead of damaging it. You can get a good impression of our ideas by reading this first: How to design atmospheres attuned to the concerns of the user.

If you have any comments, questions, ideas or research material we could look into – please let us know.