3 Interesting articles on the Experience of Architecture

Post written by Simon Droog. Follow him on Twitter.

I’m always reading articles about architecture and the experience of architecture online. I thought I’d share 3 that you might find interesting.

1. Multiplicity and Memory: Talking About Architecture with Peter Zumthor

I’ve always been a big fan of Peter Zumthor’s work. I think that his work and his views on architecture were probably what triggered my interest in the experience of architecture. So, I’m always interested in reading an interview with him. As he is the winner of the 2009 Pritzker Price, I thought you’d also like to read this interview. The interview is completely conducted and translated by Marco Masetti, done as his bachelor’s degree thesis in Italy. Marco asks Zumthor about his views, ideas and the design process that results in his excellent projects. I especially like the way Zumthor focuses on the needs of the user and the experience of our surroundings. He says: “In architecture, there’s always an underlying need. I think of the utilization: is what I do valuable? Do I like it? And what does it lack? I try to think and feel together the needs of function, use, and the peculiarity of the place.

Read the interview yourself: Multiplicity and Memory: Talking About Architecture with Peter Zumthor

2. Architecture: The art of Experience

An interesting essay about the relationship between the individual and their designed environment in terms of psychology, sociology, behavior and stimulation written by Environmentalalex. I like the topics she addresses in this essay. First, Alex talks about the need to include nature in architecture. We have an innate desire to connect with the Earth and architecture should facilitate this connection. Then, she discusses the importance of architecture that is experienced all the senses, not just the visual. Something I totally agree with. The focus of architects lies too much on the visual aspect of architecture. The other senses are least as important as the visual to the experience of architecture. [Editor’s note: If you’re interested in the experience of space through the senses, also read our post: Workshop: How to experience space through the senses?] Finally, the influence of architecture on social interaction is addressed. The level of social interaction can be adjusted by the ordering of space. Alex concludes: “This article provides ideas and ways for thinking about all the varied ways in which architecture can regulate and effect. It includes how architecture functions in a communicative role; how architecture affects social interaction or ordering; how it effects behaviors, perceptions and interactions in human beings and how architecture can be biased to favor certain groups or interests.

You can find Elementalalex’ essay here: Architecture: The art of Experience

3. Renderings versus Realized

These days it’s hard to imagine new architecture projects without renders. The render has become the method to use for showing our projects to clients, users and other architects. These often incredibly beautiful renders immediately attract our attention. But can the final product live up to the expectations of the render? And is the render capable of reflecting how users would experience the final product (the finished building)? Archdaily would like to hear your thoughts on this matter…

Read about Renderings versus Realized on Archdaily.com

What have you been reading about online? Any interesting articles that you’d like to share?

We are always interested in your ideas – let us know what you think. Also if you have any other comments, questions or ideas – please let us know.

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